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Revista Científica Foz is an initiative of the Master's Program in Science, Technology and Education at Faculdade Vale do Cricaré. This is an interdisciplinary journal, with semiannual periodicity and continuous flow.

The scope of the journal is the consolidation of scientific production in the north of Espírito Santo, valuing regionality and regionalism, as well as local specificities and diversities in terms of Brazil and the world.

We receive articles preferably from the areas of humanities, social sciences, legal sciences and economics. Focused on education, planning and social management.  

The journal accepts submissions of original articles, interviews, reviews and free-themed translations.

First, the verification of plagiarism is carried out through the "Grammarly", after this phase, the evaluation process starts with the previous review (desk review) carried out by the editors, then the articles are sent for peer review, double blind, and, finally, the article goes to editing, at which time new style revisions can be requested.




The Rumos da InFormação Scientific Journal is an interdisciplinary periodical, published every six months, created in a printed version in 2007, with the objective of disclosing the scientific production of undergraduate and graduate professors, students and graduate professionals. of the FVC, thus constituting a space for reflection and sharing of research experiences.  


With the publication of volume 1, n.1, of 2020, guided by the new times, the Revista Científica Rumos da InFormação is now published only in electronic format. This is an important change in its editorial orientation, in the sense of amplifying and speeding up the dissemination of the scientific production of the academic community at FVC. The journal accepts original and unpublished articles and reviews on the most diverse theoretical, empirical or mixed topics in a continuous flow of submission.

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