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The formation of an accountant able to understand the importance of information in the management process of organizations, as well as the interaction between this process and innovations in the management area of organizations.

The profile of the professional in the Accounting Sciences Course at Faculdade Vale do Cricaré aims to satisfy the social, economic, cultural and regional aspects of the north of Espírito Santo. This is because the development and growth of the local community and surrounding municipalities are closely linked to the development and growth of companies in the region, seeking to generate employment and income.

The graduate will be being improved to assume the role of a transforming agent, incorporating new technologies in the solution of problems that they have:


  • Mastery of new management information technologies in the accounting area, aiming to improve their professional life and, in the long term, their quality of life;

  • Knowledge and use of models associated with the diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation of accounting systems projects in organizations;

  • A consistent and critical humanistic view of the impact of professional performance on society and organizations.

  • Awareness of their role in society, enabled to perform their functions;

  • Qualification and ability to cooperate with organizations and society;

  • Specialized knowledge, enabling the practice of the profession in all aspects, meeting market requirements;

  • Skills to perform their functions and the role inherent to the new professional in the context of current society;

  • Demonstration of versatile knowledge, reading of the globalized world and leadership spirit – fundamental characteristics for the development of new accounting business management models.

Course Authorization and Recognition


RECOGNIZED  by MEC Ordinance No. 303 of 01/27/2005 - PUBLISHED  in the DOU of 01/28/2005

Legal Support: Normative Ordinance No. 40 of 12/12/2007, DOU of 12/13/2007 - Republished DOU of 12/29/2010.

Curricular structure

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